Maintaining Long term clients

Maintaining Long-Term Clients

Your relationship with the client is more important than any service you provide to the client. Building an extensive client list is necessary for creating a workflow, building a network, and generating a steady income. Some clients provide an opportunity for more projects as a returning customer, or potential referrals from their glowing reviews. So, how do you maintain a relationship with these long-term clients?

focus on the client's journey 


Working with a client on a long-term basis establishes patterns in your professional relationship. Most successful marketers develop their work around the client’s specific journey, tailoring to their needs. Treating your client as an individual rather than a project creates a deeper sense of trust. Sharing more information and resources with them shows that you know your craft inside out, and that you are also willing to provide valuable information to them. Educational resources — including video tutorials and infographics — make you a more valuable asset to the client, increasing the likelihood of their return. This also extends to the clients you want to attract — by narrowing your target market and creating clear, audience-specific content, it becomes easier to gain new clients who are in search of your services.

maintain open communication 


Efficient communication is a top priority in all client relationships, especially the long-term ones. Setting aside time to make yourself more available to the client tells them that their project is of a high importance to you, and you are willing to satisfy their needs. Timely, open communication should make the client feel fully included and allows them to be more honest with you. This communication should not interfere with your personal time and other projects however, and boundaries should continue to be maintained.

Go the extra mile


Perhaps the most important way to maintain long-term client relationships is to consistently deliver exceptional work. Planning ahead gives you the time needed to produce a quality standard of work, and puts you in a position of attracting steady clients. Pay attention to the client’s personality and what they will appreciate — something as simple as an in-person meeting, a presentation suited to their aesthetic, or sharing a resource you think they can benefit from, shows how much thought you put into building and maintaining the relationships with these clients. It pays to remember the little details.

show gratitude


Clients are not to be taken for granted — they believe in the quality of your work, and your business is allowed to thrive because of these relationships. Remember to show them how thankful you are that they trust you with their ideas and choose to work with you. Giving them a token of your appreciation goes a long way — this can be a thank you note, or a small birthday or Christmas gift. Clients are more appreciative of these efforts then you may think.

Building a client list is the easy part. When it comes to maintaining the relationship with these clients, it’s important to effectively communicate with them and tailor the experience to their needs. Going above and beyond shows them that you prioritize their needs, and showing gratitude to them helps to solidify the relationship between you. This ultimately builds a loyal client base and great referrals.  Need help building and maintaining clients? Contact Us. We’d love to help.