What Makes A Great Landing Page

What Makes A Great Landing Page

A Landing Page, also known as a “squeeze” or “splash” page, is a page you create on your website that sells, or introduces a product or service within your business.

Sometimes, it may be the page that people first land on within your website, if they stumble upon it through online search, or if they access the link via email. It is a very important page you can add to get users to sign up, or purchase an item. Having a great design is important, because in a matter of seconds – the user decides if they want to take the time to explore the information presented, or if they want to continue on to another website. You need to make a great first impression, capture their attention, and encourage the user to follow through with the call to action you created the page for.


First, think about what you want to communicate to customers.

If you want to sell a product or service make this clear and to the point. Include imagery to help people visualize what it is your trying to sell. By including imagery, which can include photographs, vector illustrations, or icons, you will help capture their attention. It will also help balance the amount of text you have on the page. No one will read a landing page with columns upon columns of text. It’s too overwhelming to the user and the chances are it will bore them.

When it comes to landing pages, remember that simplicity is key. Videos are also great to add! They encourage interaction within the page and allow you to capture someone’s attention for 30 seconds because they do not have to read the information that is presented. It is now relayed by video.

Next, keep in mind what will be included “above the fold”.  This term describes the space of the content that will be shown before the user has to scroll down. (further explained here) You want to make sure the most important information is above the fold. If you have a giant photograph above the fold and all of your text below it, people won’t see the headlines and body copy you’ve put so much time into creating. Studies show, users do not like to search for what they need online, and that they prefer the information they are looking for to appear in front of them. You should also include any important call-to-action buttons above the fold as well.

Calls to action include:


Your call to action should be large, visible and use a color that stands out from the rest of the page. You really want to “scream” to the user.

You also want to make sure your logo and business name is clearly visible. You might have a great landing page, but if a user can’t tell what company is selling this product or service, then you have not communicated well. Remember, a landing page is an entryway for consumers to hit your site. It could be someone who has never heard of your business or someone who shops with you all the time.

Here are some examples of why you would create a landing page:

  • Your business has rolled out a new service, and you would like consumers to try it out
  • You have a new product you would like to highlight
  • You are offering a discount to users who purchase or register by a certain date
  • You are having an event (local or webinar) and you want to encourage consumers to attend
  • You would like to offer consumers a free digital e-book or PDF

There are many reasons why a landing page can be created and they are very effective at capturing leads when done correctly. The ultimate goal of a landing page is conversions. You want users to sign up or register, or spend money with your business. The content you include needs to be relevant and original. You should always think to yourself “why should this person do business with me?” Anything you offer should serve a purpose and be useful to the consumer.

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