Marketing agency myths

Marketing Agency Myths

Let’s face it… getting your name out there can be tough and time-consuming. If you don’t consider yourself a marketing expert, you could benefit from consulting the services of the professionals–marketing agencies. We probably know what you’re thinking… a marketing agency? Sounds like a pain! Where do I even begin? Today, we hope to ease some of your hesitance by debunking a few common marketing agency myths.

Myth 1 - working with agencies is going to be inefficient


Some people fall victim to the myth that working with agencies is going to be an inefficient “back and forth” with unmet deadlines and few substantive results. While for some outdated or disorganized agencies this may be true, the majority are very organized and aware of what their clients desire. It won’t take long for a marketing agency to show its true colors. If you’re worried about disorganization or unreliability, you’ll be able to tell! 

The best agencies do their homework, examining your existing brand to determine what to keep and what to tweak. You may think that an agency isn’t prepared for the various tasks you have of them, but fulfilling your design needs is literally its entire job! Like every crop, there will be a few “bad apples” in the bunch, but the key question to ask is which agency to use, not whether to use one at all.

myth 2 - Cost associated with the design job via agency


When you think about marketing agencies, can you only see dollar signs? Cost is always an important question, and when it comes to pricing, some agencies may not have the best reps. So why use one at all? The key is strategy. Marketing agencies are experts in marketing strategy. That means you get to focus on achieving your mission as a business, while the agency positions you to convey that mission to the appropriate audience. Price does matter! But don’t fall for the myth that you can’t find an agency that offers great quality at a great price. Though your initial investment may be more than what you thought, your return on that investment will be immense.

myth 3 - bigger company or agency is better


The saying “bigger is better” is not always true when it comes to marketing agencies. Oftentimes, smaller agencies can be more helpful to new businesses trying to get on their feet. The first rule of business is that relationships matter. Smaller, more boutique marketing agencies, like Creative Juice, can take a more hands-on approach.  Naturally, a smaller clientele means that you are more of a priority than the clients of a large marketing agency. Need a question answered? Send an email or make a call! Working with a smaller agency can mean avoiding time-consuming bureaucracy.

An agency should put its clients first, making sure everything is exactly how they want it. That’s not to say that big agencies in L.A. or New York can’t do a good job, but you should always feel like more than just a check-off of a giant list. Someone once said that marketing agencies are like restaurants. You’re more likely to feel at home at your “small-town diner” than at a national fast-food chain. Working with larger agencies can feel like a transaction, but we here at Creative Juice cultivate relationships. Another benefit of working with smaller agencies is a quicker turn-around since they have fewer clients. The agency can better accommodate their clients this way since they have more time. 

If you’re still a believer in these myths, we want to prove you wrong! If we’ve convinced you otherwise, then what are you waiting for? Contact us at Creative Juice today, so we can begin achieving together.