Marketing to Millennials - 5 Branding tips every business should be using

Marketing to Millennials: 5 branding tips every business should be using

It’s finally happened. The Millennials have taken over.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so dire as that, but Millennials (that is, people born after 1980) are poised to become the largest living, adult generation in less than 2 years.

Here are 5 things you must focus on if you want to sell your brand to this rising economic force.


Millennials have a strong sense of social identity and prefer that companies do too.

Do you refrain from testing on animals? Are your products made with post-consumer goods? Does your company back local community programs? Then let everyone know. Better yet, make your values synonymous with your brand.


You need to be everywhere. Your brand should have an active media presence across all major social platforms. The absence of just one could be enough to lose out on a huge swath of potential customers, and may even be suspicious. If your site links to Facebook and Instagram but not Twitter or Youtube, you’re going to appear inexperienced.


Millennials don’t have much patience for commercials or obnoxious ads, and they’ll turn their ad-blockers on in a heartbeat if you try to inconvenience them in this way. Enter, “Influencers”. Youtube personalities are often sponsored by everything from makeup to video games.

Careful, though! You don’t want to seem like you’re just paying for positive press. A simple “hair products provided by…” credit at the end of a hair-styling video is going to go over a lot better than having the star of the show stop in the middle of their program to wax poetic about your conditioners.


Let your audience know that there are real people behind your services. Exactly how “personal” you should be on social media depends on your business, but a little bit of humanity is always a good thing. Just don’t take this one too far and start flooding your company’s Instagram with all your hot vacation photos (unless you’re a travel company, of course!).


Reviews are your marketing backbone. It’s important to engage with comments from your customers in a real and honest way. And it’s worth the time and money to ensure a unique, human response whenever possible. Your computer-savvy audience will recognize a robo-reply from a mile away and they won’t appreciate it. Make sure you’re known as “that company that actually talks to people.”