Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

Gen Y. Millennials. The selfie generation. These are just some of the nicknames for adults ranging from 19-35 as of 2016. Some businesses feel stumped when it comes to how to reach the United States’ largest living generation. With about 80 million millennials in the U.S. who have a total buying power of $200 billion, companies cannot afford to overlook this generation. Millennials have paved their own path and have their own unique set of values and goals. Thankfully, there has been extensive research done on what works and doesn’t work for marketing to millennials. Read on for some tips on how to reach this diverse group:

Get Social

As you already probably know, millennials are the biggest connoisseurs of social media. They use social media much more than older generations and are often more skilled with these platforms. These young adults interact with brands in ways that no generation has before them. Hiring brand ambassadors have become a popular way for companies to market to millennials. For example, as a rep for a jewelry company, millennials might be sent multiple pieces of jewelry for free, brand memorabilia like stickers and bags, and a way to track their progress. In return, the company would expect their brand representatives, often called “reps,” to promote their jewelry on their social media and by word of mouth. This marketing strategy has proven to be effective for many companies since millennials positively respond and trust their friends more than they will trust an advertisement.

Don’t Forget About Mobile

Millennials are on their phones more than any other generation. In the United States, a whopping 86% of them have a smartphone as of 2015. This generation is constantly connected so connect with them! Is there a certain app or mobile game that your target group heavily uses?  Try advertising on these applications so that you make sure your advertisements are reaching the right audience. You could also create your own app; Coca Cola, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks are some examples of large companies that have their own apps that include a rewards system. These rewards systems give fans another reason to keep using or buying these companies’ products since they’re earning points or discounts along the way. Millennials are using their smartphones to access the internet too so optimize your website for mobile. This is important because millennials won’t spend their time on a website that is difficult to navigate or takes a lengthy amount of time to load when there are plenty of other faster, better websites available to them.

Make It Personal

Millennials have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to where to shop and whose services to use. If they feel unappreciated or overlooked at your company but important and cherished at another, odds are, you’re not going to be gaining that millennial as a customer. Some popular marketing techniques are to have a knowledgeable employee available for chat on your website or personalized checkout experience. Millennials want to feel valued and have open communication with companies. Another way to engage millennials is to use content created by them! Millennials trust each other’s opinions much more than they will trust yours so make them feel like they’re part of your brand and that they matter.

Provide Good Content

You should always strive to provide your audience with content that will be useful to them, but especially millennials. Millennials are bombarded with videos, images, text, and sounds so many have learned to filter out irrelevant content. This means you need to do your research about your target market so that your marketing campaign is tailored towards that specific group of millennials. If you are sharing great content that is applicable and relevant, your audience will be more likely to share that content. Don’t get lost in the chatter- stand out.

Know What They Want

Each generation has different goals and values and the millennials are no exception to this. To successfully market to millennials, you need to know what they want from their jobs, relationships, and lives. Entrepreneurism is highly valued by millennials. The freedom that comes with owning your own business and the possibility of massive profits is attractive to this generation. They also are big on acceptance and loving yourself as well as others. In this crazy world we live in, this can be hard to see at times, but if you think about what millennials are fighting for the most, it all comes back to accepting each other and equality.

These five steps have broken down how to successfully market to millennials. Remember that they use multiple social media platforms often, are a social and connected group, want to feel valued, appreciate relevant content, and have a separate set of goals and values than their parents. If you need more help with marketing to Gen Y, get in touch with us today.