Mastering Postcard Design

Mastering Postcard Design

Greetings from Atlanta! Even with the expansion of the web, a great postcard can do wonders for your business. Thoughtful postcard design will grab people’s attention and hopefully new leads for your company. If your mailing list is comprised of people that fall in your target market, your postcard will be most effective since you are designing for your specific audience. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 52.5% of consumers read postcards they receive-a stark difference from the mere one third that will read a sales letter. Here are some ways to ensure your postcard wows your readers:

Create a Headline That Stands Out

What’s the first thing you want readers to notice when they look at your postcard? The headline! A postcard is different from a newsletter or sales letter-you have less room to say a lot. So make sure your headline is clear and concise with its message. A bold headline that stands out through color and font is ideal. Your postcard’s headline should be readable without much effort from the recipient. Readers should be pulled in with a single look.

Use Quality Graphics

It is definitely worth it to take the time to create a stunning graphic design or take a pixel perfect photo for your postcard. The first glance appeal of your postcard is what will convince your postcard recipients to check out the rest of the postcard. The image or images you decide to use in your postcard should contribute to the message you are trying to send. The graphic of a postcard is the right place to get your main idea across. Also, making your own unique graphics will avoid any copyright issues that could come up down the road and show that your company values its readers enough to create graphics just for them.

Let Them Know Who You Are

It should be apparent from the moment your reader looks at your postcard who the sender is. Although the main goal of the postcard is most likely not to get your name out there, it is necessary to show who you are as a company. Your company name and logo should be visible and tastefully placed. Since your logo is such an important aspect of your brand identity, pay attention to it-don’t shove it in a convenient corner. Evaluate exactly where and how putting your logo on the postcard will be most effective.

Make It Stand Out

How will your postcard be different? What about it will make it extraordinary? Something about your postcard should be outside the box. Whether you decide to use a distinctive color scheme or amp up your postcard’s design with texture or 3D effects, make your postcard different. The possibilities when it comes to postcard design elements are endless. Printing companies have options upon options for you to use. Yes, this will cost more than a plain old run-of-the-mill postcard but it’s worth it if it generated more leads for your company. Overall, if your postcard is unique and printed on high quality stock, you should be good to go.

Highlight What You Are Offering

What matters most to your readers is how you can benefit them so be sure to put emphasis on what you have to offer. Whatever the product or service your company provides, let your audience know how it will affect them for the better. Explain how your business will provide these benefits without being too wordy so that your reader has a better understanding of what you are trying to get them to purchase or do.

Motivate Readers

Including a “Call to Action” is a must for any form of direct mail marketing. Without that final push, your readers might not feel motivated to pursue what you want them to do. You have given your audience information, but if you don’t tell them what to do with that material, what’s the point? Also, include contact information and social media handles for your recipients. Even if the reader doesn’t end up buying the product, using the service, or whatever your postcard promotes, they could still end up being future clients if they stay connected through social media.

Before sending out your postcard, make sure everything is flawless and all your contact information is correct. Once your postcard is printed and sent out, there’s no edit button. Postcards are still worth sending because they work. They are also a fun opportunity to explore all the exciting elements available for postcard design now. If you are interested in having a postcard designed for your business, contact Creative Juice today!