Octavia Gilmore
Founder / Chief Creative Officer • SUPERPOWER: The Problem Solver

Octavia J Gilmore is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Atlanta based Creative Juice, an award-winning creative agency. Originally from New Jersey, Gilmore was first introduced to graphic design at the young age of 14, where she knew one day she would start her own agency. Gilmore obtained a Bachelor of F ine Arts in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta. At the age of 23, Gilmore took the leap of faith and launched Creative Juice. Gilmore is proud to run a millennial, minority, female-owned agency.

Ayanna Carrington
Project Manager • Super Power: The Advocate

Ayanna is the project manager at Creative Juice. She earned her Bachelors in Philosophy from Georgia State University. Born in Barbados and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Ayanna grew up in the arts. Starting ballet at age 7, she attended the “Fame” High School in New York City. After graduating college in 2011, she started working in law firms where she gained experience finding solutions and leading teams. Ayanna is an advocate who loves bringing people together. In her spare time, she enjoys doing DIY projects and relaxing in front of a good Netflix series.

Saiydah Thomas
Office Maven • Super Power: Master Planner

Saiydah is the office maven at Creative Juice. She earned her Bachelors in Digital Filmmaking at the Art Institute of Atlanta where she found that her favorite part was pre-production; making sure everything is in place to start shooting, down to the very last detail. Early in life, it was realized that Saiydah had a knack for precision. It was seen in her excellence in school and in her free time where she’d do arts and crafts, and create innovative games. She would spend more time building houses, roads, cars and making clothes for her toys than she actually did playing with them. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y of Bajan parents, and raised in South Carolina, Sai also developed a love for traveling, and a passion for understanding different languages and cultures. When she's not keeping the office organized you can find her in a dance class, doing acro yoga, crafting, studying a new language or using her passport.

Taylor Reed
Junior Designer • Super power: Adaptable

Taylor is a Designer at Creative Juice who enjoys helping brands with identity, print and digital design and design that's functional, accessible and has a lovely form. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta and volunteering with AIGA ATL, Taylor decided to take her design expertise to the next level and joined the Juicers. When she's not working on an identity system or sorting out a website’s visual design, she soaks up design inspiration from her surroundings — nature, architecture, lectures and workshops and even sweets.

Jayne Small
Design Intern • Super power: Attention to Detail

Jayne is a Graphic Design Intern at Creative Juice. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Graphic Design that she recently earned from the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University. Thriving on visual problem solving, Jayne was trained as both an artist and a designer and enjoys seizing every chance she gets to produce work with substance. She lives by Luke 1:37 and strives to make the best life she can for her pets.

Pao Alcantara
Web Developer • Super power: The builder

Pao is the web developer at Creative Juice. He has a degree in Engineering and enjoys building things. He decided to combine his work with his hobby and became a web developer. When he's not working, he rides mountain bikes with his friends.

Mitzi Dominguez
Junior Designer • Super power: Innovator

Mitzi Dominguez is a trilingual visual creative, graphic designer, and illustrator with experience in both print and digital design. She likes to solve problems with visuals, words, ideas, and many cups of coffee. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Art in Romance Languages-French, from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Mitzi is constantly trying to search for unique and different creative ways to transmit ideas into creative experiences, solve problems, and find visible solutions. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling with her twin sister and taking too many photos along the way.


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Creative Juice LLC

``Best Marketing and Branding Firms`` - Atlanta Tribune - 2016

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Creative Juice LLC

`` Best in Responsive Web Design Companies`` - Best Web Firms - March 2015

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