Octavia Gilmore
Founder / Chief Creative Officer • SUPERPOWER: The Problem Solver

Octavia J Gilmore is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Atlanta based Creative Juice, an award-winning creative agency. Originally from New Jersey, Gilmore was first introduced to graphic design at the young age of 14, where she knew one day she would start her own agency. Gilmore obtained a Bachelor of F ine Arts in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta. At the age of 23, Gilmore took the leap of faith and launched Creative Juice. Gilmore is proud to run a millennial, minority, female-owned agency.

Asha Cobb-Jones
Project Coordinator • SUPERPOWER: Diplomacy

Asha is a compassionate and committed professional who is skilled in delivering key insights to her fellow juicers. Asha graduated from Howard University with a B.A. in French Literature and a minor in Business Administration. While joining Google Education for a brand ambassadorship program, and more recently at a global Non-Profit Agency, Asha has used her non-traditional journey to legitimize her passion of championing for a client or user within the tech design space. Because of this realization, Asha is also pursuing a certificate training at General Assembly’s User Experience Immersive Program. When she’s not checking out the latest news about UX on, she’s traveling or watching documentaries on topics ranging anywhere from fashion to metaphysics.

Anna Wilder
Brand Strategist • Super Power: Strategic Thinking

Graphic design began as a hobby for Anna but in high school she realized she could turn it into a career. She graduated early and was admitted into the Visual Communications program at Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg, then the Columbia College Chicago. Anna decided she would further her education and career by pursuing and completing her Master of Arts in Design Management. With Creative Juice, her role as brand strategist is to help clients solidify their message and organize it into concise words and actions. She offers a laser-sharp focus on branding, graphic design, design management, and a fresh perspective for all projects she is part of. Design and branding aside, Wilder is driven by her innate curiosity of all things in and beyond our world, a foodie at heart, enjoys being outdoors, and loves animals - especially cats.

Jenni Renas
Design Intern • Super Power: Creative Concepting

Jenni Renas is a designer and creative from Metro Detroit and the current design intern at Creative Juice. She is studying to receive a B.F.A. in graphic design at Savannah College of Art & Design and is in her senior year of school. As the design intern, Renas works on social content, blog posts, and email notifications. She loves creating fun, interesting work and is dedicated to making things that are unique and different. As much as she loves Illustrator & InDesign, Renas enjoys tactile projects and a break from the screen, at times like these you can find her eating (most likely), sketching, or digging around at thrift shops.

Taylor Reed
Junior Designer • Super power: Adaptable

Taylor is a Designer at Creative Juice who enjoys helping brands with identity, print and digital design and design that's functional, accessible and has a lovely form. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta and volunteering with AIGA ATL, Taylor decided to take her design expertise to the next level and joined the Juicers. When she's not working on an identity system or sorting out a website’s visual design, she soaks up design inspiration from her surroundings — nature, architecture, lectures and workshops and even sweets.

Donny Walker
Account Coordinator

Donny is a service-driven Account Coordinator with a passion for self-improvement, sales and the intricacies of business and marketing. A proud ATLien, Donny believes that we do our best work when we love what we do, where we do it, and with whom. And she loves working with the innovative minds at Creative Juice in beautiful Atlanta. As a teen she accidentally fell in love with writing while journaling her way through challenges and is now, many moons later, pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. When she’s not handling AP/AR, delivering juicy customer service and creating proposals at Creative Juice, she’s watching Netflix (According to her professors, it’s considered homework.), clumsily learning yoga, coaching single moms in self-care, or mentoring girls with issues of self-esteem.


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