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Minority-owned Marketing Agency

Minority-owned Marketing Agency

Minority-owned Marketing Agency


“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt. 


Marketing is indeed all about sharing your passion, but too often; it’s hard to find the right words, the right place, and time to talk about it. You can, however, turn to professionals who know precisely how to put everything into words and find the platform and the people who will listen and share your passion. 

At Creative Juice, we’ve made it our mission to help you tell the world about your passion. We’re a minority-owned marketing agency that specializes in all aspects of marketing and design. 


What Marketing and Design Problems Can We Solve for You?


Clients come to our marketing firm for different reasons. Some need a complete brand makeover, whereas others struggle with sales. Some businesses are taking their first steps into the market and need our guidance, and others have achieved great success, but are looking to expand.

Each client has their problems, needs, and wants. And no matter how similar the business, the marketing or design challenges are never the same. Every challenge requires a personalized approach, complete with research, strategy, and plenty of communication. At Creative Juice, we’re all about dedication and commitment to the project. You can put your trust in us. So, what problems can we solve for you? The short answer is — anything. We rise to all marketing and design challenges. 


Turn to our us if you require: 



Logo and brand development 


Your brand is the face of your company, and we’ll make sure that it’s on-brand with your company’s mission and the services you offer. We develop logos and brands that stand the test of time, capture attention, and emanate trust.



Digital marketing 


From paid advertising to social media management, we can create and manage your online presence. With our digital marketing efforts, we’ll help you gain new followers and clients. Together we can build a strong community and a client-base. 



Content development


As a minority-owned marketing agency, we know the importance of sharing your story. Our team will develop content that best reflects your company’s history, values, and priorities. We can also create content for your website, emails, blogs, brochures, and more.  



Print design


Are you getting ready for a big meeting? Perhaps an expo? One way to impress attendees is with print design. Creative Juice is ready to help you design brochures, reports, and other materials that will leave any reader amazed.



Web design 


Your website is your digital business card. It has to be easy to use and look beautiful. We’ve got your back. Trust the design of your website to our minority-owned marketing firm and we promise to deliver a site that will leave you and any visitor in awe. 



UI/UX development 


Looks aren’t the only thing that’s important to us, practicality and convenience are, too. Our expert UI/UX designers will make sure that your website is responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Getting from point A to point B on your website will be easy peasy. 


Be sure to look out for consultations and let us know what you need. We are confident that one of the services our minority-owned marketing agency offers will undoubtedly be THE solution to your problem.  


We’ve Come a Long Way to Become the Best Juicers 


It all started with a dreamer – Octavia Gilmore. But with the help of several other dreams, she grew her one-woman design shop into an all-inclusive, minority-owned marketing agency. And we want you to meet them:


Shavonne Reed is the Chief Growth Officer (COO) of Creative Juice. With more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising, media/public relations, and communications, Shavonne will guide you and your business to success the same way she guides our minority-owned marketing firm.


Saiydah Thomas is our master planner and the project manager of our dreams. She makes sure that all aspects of your project are properly planned and executed. 


Tierra Filhiol is our know-it-all. She’s a strategic planner with market intelligence and data analysis experience. She’ll help you find your target market and win over their hearts. 


Taylor Reed will give your brand a look that’s sure to impress. Whether it’s your logo, web design, or print design, Taylor is ready to tackle any project with her creativity. 


Mitzi Dominguez can solve any design problem you give her. She loves words, visuals, ideas and all that accompanied with a cup of coffee. 


Pao Alcantara is our builder. He joined Creative Juice as a web developer and continues to amaze our clients with his fast and efficient working style. 


Sarah Jane Dela Vega is what we like to call our office maven. She loves meeting new clients and has made it her mission to guarantee that everyone who steps into Creative Juice has the best experience possible. 


Christine Drakes is currently interning at Creative Juice. She loves anything and everything about design and storytelling.


We are your juicers. We’re the heart that makes up this award-winning minority-owned marketing firm. Now that you know about us, we want to know about you. What is your story?


Let’s Work Together 


We often hear that agencies don’t have the same level of product or service knowledge or the same dedication as in-house marketing and design teams, which simply isn’t true. Let us show you. At Creative Juice, we put dedication and commitment at the forefront of our work. Whether we work with long-term or short-term clients, new clients, or established ones, each chance to collaborate with us comes with enthusiasm and creative energy.


We can’t wait to get our creative juices flowing for you and your company!