Nonprofit Web Design: Tips & Tricks

Nonprofit Web Design: Tips & Tricks

Website design is vital to a good business, especially non-profit organizations. Philanthropy is a uniquely difficult business to be in, so the competitive advantage that non-profit organizations with solid websites have is essential to success. If you have a dated or complicated website, prospective volunteers or donors may give up on navigation before supporting your organization. So what makes for a solid non-profit website? We’ve included some tips!

Highlight important content


When donors and volunteers arrive at your website, they’re looking for two qualities: fast and simple. Your homepage is crucial for a nonprofit because it should display all of the most important content, such as a donate button or a link to an event calendar. If your home page is wordy, hard to read, or busy, the hits you get won’t translate into money or engagement. Viewers should know exactly where, when, and how to get involved from your homepage.

Another important element to include on your home page is your mission statement. Both the mission statement as well as the organization name should be immediately visible the moment the page loads. A large image that showcases your nonprofit in action is also a good idea. When visitors can envision the work that you do, they’re more likely to feel a personal connection and get involved. To know what is most important for your website, it is best to create a content ranking system. Start there and develop your site accordingly.

mobilize your website


I cannot stress this enough. Nothing is more frustrating than a website that is not compatible on a smartphone. Most people nowadays browse on their phones. Even more importantly, mobile transactions increasingly occur daily. If you want to keep accumulating financial support, you should visit, or make donating or volunteering just a few simple swipes and taps away.

Create large buttons and easy-to-complete forms for mobile optimization. When testing your site, make sure you don’t have to continuously zoom in and zoom out to get the full experience. Finally, make sure everything still looks clean and attractive in the mobile version. 

tell a story


A crucial part of your non-profit is the story that you tell. Why do you do what you do? There’s no question that non-profit work isn’t the most lucrative field. Your motivation is more intrinsic, so capitalize on that and convey it to your visitors. Visitors who know your story don’t stay visitors for long… they become donors and volunteers (especially when they can do it so easily on your mobile-friendly site)! Donors are more likely to give if they know exactly where their money is going to help and how their donation makes a difference, so make both of these ideas apparent through your website design. 

Your website is arguably the most important canvas that depicts your organization and your purpose.  If you have a non-profit or know someone who does and needs to put these tips and tricks into action, contact us today. Our world is better because of the work that you do.  Our Juicers would love to help you tell your story!