The Perfect Web Design Formula

The Perfect Web Design Formula

There are several factors to keep in mind when creating the perfect website. Creating the perfect web design for your business requires a formula of planning and process.

DecemberSocialMedia-02Step 1: Determine Your Goals & Audience

• Who is your target audience?
• What is the age range of your ideal consumer?
• Why are they visiting your site?
• What device are they viewing the site from?

It’s important to determine the answers to the above key questions before you design or create content for your website. By answering these questions, you can ensure your website is effective and useful for your target audience. Your website should be tailored to your audience and the specific goals you want your website to accomplish.

DecemberSocialMedia-03Step 2: Content & Structure

Think about the content you wish to include on your site. Make sure to include only what’s essential. You don’t want to overwhelm viewers with lengthy information that they have to pick through in order to understand. In addition, its important to ensure your content is above the fold (further discussed here).  Keep the content straight to the point and easy to grasp, making your site easier to navigate and skim through. The structure of your site depends on the goals you previously set forth. Examples of some varying goals that effect the design of a website are:

• Is this an informational site for a business?
• Is this a portfolio site for a photographer?
• Is this an e-commerce site for a clothing boutique?
• Is this a site for a hair salon that needs to be able to book appointments online?

These answers should determine what content the user sees and when they see it. It should also determine the flow of the site, in regards to user interaction.

DecemberSocialMedia-04Step 3: Design

After determining what content you want to include, next comes the design. Think about your target audience again.

  • What type of design will peak their interest?
  • Do you want your site to be elegant, bold, contemporary, or reserved?
  • The type of business you have should also encourage the colors that are used. Should you use blue so that users feel calm and trust or should you use yellow so users feel cheerfulness and warmth?
  • Is the font large enough for your users to read?

The design of your website will effect how you are viewed by those who visit it. A professional design is key to being perceived as a professional company. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and visually appealing to encourage users to actually read the content.

DecemberSocialMedia-05Step 4: Technology

Whether you hire a developer or decide to code the back-end of your site by yourself, it’s important to ensure that your website works as well as it looks. All of your pages should be functioning perfectly, with no dead links, typos, or crashes. You website might look great, but if the functionality falls short, this looks just as bad – if not worse, than poor design.

Some items you need to take into consideration:

  • Is the site outdated and using Flash?
  • Is the site responsive?
  • Does the website take a long time to load?
  • Are there maps of the store locations?
  • Are email addresses click-able?

DecemberSocialMedia-06Step 5: Engagement

Most importantly, you want your website to be engaging. Communication is key. If the user has to dig deep into the site to find information, they are not having a good user experience. You should also include some user interaction.

  • Do you have social media links/streams?
  • Is there a contact form?
  • Is there a newsletter sign up?
  • Is the content valuable?
  • Are there calls-to-actions?
  • Are there any videos?

A website design is a very important way to gain more business and increase visibility. A lot of thought must go into a site in order for it to be successful. Below are 6 key items that should be included in your website design.


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