Atlanta beauty branding

THE CLIENT Beauty By Nature

Beauty by Nature is an all natural cosmetic line and lifestyle brand that believes the best of our beauty is inspired by and can be found in Mother Nature herself. In the world of DIY, Veganism, YouTube, and Instagram influencers, Beauty by Nature is start-up company focused on bringing these worlds together in a more direct-to-consumer approach.

The Problem | Transitioning from Hobby to Business

As a start-up company and brand seeking to take the next “official” step, there are certain elements you really just need assistance with. What one may do for their personal-turned-business Instagram branding might not necessarily apply to the notion of a company. In addition, handmade products and self-proclaimed DIY-ers lack “packaging” — figuratively and literally. With these realizations, Beauty by Nature knew it needed a look for the brand that could be translated to product packaging.

The Solution | Handcrafted and Natural Palette

While it is easy to immediately go for shades of green and tans, we knew Beauty by Nature deserved another approach given the target audience. To align with Beauty by Nature’s beliefs while simultaneously avoiding the typical green colors, we developed a color palette that was aesthetically beautiful and approachable with a design and elements that were very organic in nature. Our primary focus: an all natural product line made by hand doesn’t necessarily have to look like it is made by hand. With that, we were able to design packaging that felt as luxurious as the products themselves and stationery to match.

atlanta beauty branding
Atlanta beauty branding