THE CLIENT | Emily Tsitrian

Emily Tsitrian is a management maven, speaker, and author. A millennial herself, Emily’s goal is to help other millennials transition into leadership roles and establish themselves in the workplace.

Scope of Work

Brand Strategy and UVP
Website Design
Logo Design & Visual Brand Guidelines

Media Kit Design

THE PROBLEM | Managing Strong & Chic

Emily contacted Creative Juice to help her effectively launch her new management companion, Make Me the Boss, and develop her own personal brand.

THE SOLUTION | Fresh Power-Fem Brand

Originally coming to us just to create branding for the book, Creative Juice worked with Emily to help her develop a personal brand identity and make her a thought leader in her space. By doing this, it allowed her space to market and speak about her book, along with any other content she wanted to release down the road.

Creative Juice started by developing her personal brand strategy, mission & vision statements, and her unique value proposition (UVP). We carefully designed visual brand guidelines and a logo that reflected Emily’s personality, and then applied that design to a website and media kit that accurately spoke about her accomplishments, upcoming events, and her podcasts, providing a unique branding and PR materials that were 100% Emily.

Logo Design



Identity Design


Email Signature

Business Cards

Media Kit

Website Design