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THE CLIENT | Feel Good Voting

Feel Good is a non-profit, 100% digital organization engaging social media influencers in peer-to-peer communications to use their own voice, brands and platforms to motivate and inspire people to take action.

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THE PROBLEM | chance for control

Two run-off elections in Georgia that determine control of the U.S. Senate were closing in. Massive reforms for social justice and environmental sustainability hang in the balance, along with the appointments of countless federal judges. Feel Good asked Creative Juice to identify and communicate with local progressive influencers in the state of Georgia to help encourage young Georgia voters to get out and vote. 

THE SOLUTION | Influence & engage Georgia voters

With this in mind, Creative Juice selected up to 20 Georgia progressive influencers who have an engagement rate of 3–5% on Instagram, provided each influencer with proper verbiage to use in their video, created a sample caption for influencers to use as a guide for their social media caption, and shared a special Bitly link to use for their posts.

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Kiara "Kiki" Alexandera - Social media influencer
Social media influencer - Shanice Laurel
Social media influencer - Danielle Gray
Social media influencer - DJ Unruely | Rue Rose
Social media influencer - Bianca Ashley
Social media influencer - Jahliel Thurman
Social media influencer for Feel Good Voting - Seble
Social media influencer - Zo | Brand Consultant
Social media influencer - Tatyana
Social media influencer - Jhordan Gibbs
Social media influencer - Mr. Keshi
Social media influencer for Feel Good Voting - Nanz
Social media influencer - Anisa Brenee
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Results | Influencer MARKETING Campaign

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