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Goodwill is a business organization whose key efforts are providing jobs to all job seekers, including programs for youth, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, criminal backgrounds and other specialized needs. Goodwill Career Centers provide access to important job search resources as well as hosting regular recruiting events, employment seminars, and even offer software training.

The Problem | Re-imagining Shareholder Reports

Organizations such as Goodwill generate annual reports that they send out to the company’s shareholders. These annual reports have a history of being boring, dull, and chocked full of unattractive charts. Goodwill was interested in an annual report that would impress and sought out Creative Juice to produce just that.

The Solution | Engaging magazine approach

Creative Juice was able to produce an appealing, beautifully designed print piece that would make its readers want to keep turning the pages. With a more magazine design and presentation, this annual report would be able to both attract and engage its shareholders.

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Atlanta annual report design
Atlanta annual report design
Engaging Magazine approach for Goodwill