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THE CLIENT | Grief Spring

Grief Spring offers a path forward as they dedicate their time to helping people going through loss. With resources, interviews, and other materials, they assist people moving forward through the different areas of their life after grief.

Scope of Work

Tarot Cards
Print Design

Layout Design

Package Design

THE PROBLEM | Alleviating Grief

Grief Spring reached out to Creative Juice when they realized they needed a way to help motivate people going through loss with their content. The products needed to encourage personal growth as a way to channel grief while appearing attractive and in line with their brand’s look and feel. 

THE SOLUTION | Calming Creations

Creative Juice created an uplifting, calming design through natural illustrated elements as they created tarot cards and packaging collateral. These designs were made in a way that the client could easily customize them and printing was handled by Creative Juice. 

Tarot Cards

Grief Spring Tarot Card design - Exercise
Grief Spring Tarot Card design - Affirm
Grief Spring Tarot Card design - Meditate
Grief Spring Tarot Card design - Nourish