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THE CLIENT | GreyStone Power

GreyStone Power is a member-owned electric cooperative that provides reliable electric services the best way they can at the lowest possible rates.

Scope of Work

PDF Brochure Design


GreyStone Power reached out to Creative Juice with an overall goal to introduce and educate their employees on a new way of working and a new space as they prepared for their operations’ move to a new campus.

THE SOLUTION | Welcoming introduction

Creative Juice partnered with GreyStone to design an interactive PDF brochure that can be accessible by any employee and ensure that the new map, protocols, and nearby amenities were clearly showcased in an easily portable way.

visual Elements
Checkboxes - Campus, Spaces and Well-being
GreyStone - Office amenities
GreyStone PDF brochure design by CJ
GreyStone Spaces
GreyStone Yoga brochure for employees
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