THE CLIENT | Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a highly influential yoga instructor, writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur who uses her unique voice to empower everyone to take up space and love themselves.

Scope of Work

Creative Direction
New Visual Identity Mood Board

Web Design
Web Development

Website Mood board Concepts

THE PROBLEM | Professionally Her

Jessamyn Stanley and her team got in touch with Creative Juice for an innovative approach that would help her accurately represent her personal brand in a creative and authentic way.

THE SOLUTION | Vibrantly Honest

In order to capture Jessamyn’s unique personality and gumption for her personal brand, we created a mood board for her that was colorful, dynamic, and bold with a hint of edginess. We also used the identity created in her mood board to provide the guidelines for her photoshoot.

The bold and beautifully unique photos were a truly exclusive asset that would not only differentiate her brand, but it would give audiences some truly special insight into who Jessamyn is. Using these photos and her moodboard, we designed a website that would tell Jessamyn’s story, inspire others to take up space, and highlight the impact that she has made on her industry through her books, classes, her company (The Underbelly), and her advocacy.

Visual Elements

(Kanit 900)

Body Copy — Kanit 300
When not manifesting or in a yoga flow state, I can be found staring at the sky or soaking in North Carolina’s best rivers and bathtubs. I collect vintage furniture and am the surrogate mother of several very charismatic cats, plants and the cutest mini chihuahua you’ve ever seen.