King of Swings Logo

THE CLIENT King of Swings

King of Swings specializes in custom, high quality yet affordable wooden playground playsets in Atlanta and North Georgia. A company with a legacy of over 20 years, King of Swings has been both a reliable and trustworthy business swinging into the hearts of Georgians.

The Problem | Out of Touch, Unappealing Visual Identity

King of Swings outdated branding was no longer appealing and the company felt out of touch with the current market landscape. With a new owner and a reimagined vision, King of Swings needed to be modernized so they could appeal to the key target consumer of middle- and upper-middle class women with young children while also discovering what trends were happening in the market.

The Solution | Research as an anchor for visual identity

Creative Juice is an innovative, award-winning, female-owned, minority-owned, millennial lead creative agency. Specializing in branding and web design, our small but mighty, our team of “Juicers” focuses on getting to know our clients to ensure we are bringing their vision to life, while also staying on time and on budget.

King of Swings logo design and branding
King of Swings of Business card design by CJ
Colors for King of Swings Branding
Pattern design for King of Swings by CJ
Letterhead design for Kings of Swings