LVNGbook curates delicious recipes that assist with preventing or managing chronic conditions. They provide people with easy-to-buy recipes that have those with heart disease, pre-diabetes, and diabetes in mind.

Scope of Work

Layout Design

Interactive Publication Design

THE PROBLEM | Bringing e-meals to a physical world

LVNGbook reached out to Creative Juice with their cookbook design needs since they required a way to bring e-meal recipes to a physical book, while still keeping the clarity and ‘at the tip of your fingers’ functionality of digital. This book needed to encourage lifestyle changes in the kitchen and be delicious enough to eat and shop for when the customer needs their next meal.

THE SOLUTION | Tactile Motivation to Change your plate

Creative Juice worked with LVNGbook to design a template for their interactive cookbook, incorporating variable elements for the book title based on the customer’s name for a personal touch and using bright, fresh colors and imagery to satiate their hunger. This design was made so the client and development could easily create the whole book into a cohesive and flexible work with QR code integration that allowed customers to find the ingredients they need on-the-go.