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THE CLIENT | MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)

Scope of Work

Day-Of Hashtag
Development of three (3) creative concepts
Facebook posts with copy
Twitter posts with copy 

Blog post
E-card for digital download
Postcard design
Branded background for photo booth 

marta valentine's postcard design with hashtag


MARTA is Atlanta’s option for multi-modal transit services. For more than 40 years, they aim to advocate and provide safe travel to advance connectivity and aim towards a more livable region.

MARTA needed to execute a customer engagement campaign on Valentine’s Day as a way to promote MARTA as an easy way to get around on Valentine’s Day as well as engage with and “show love” to current riders. 


When MARTA reached out to Creative Juice for assistance with their campaign, we mixed up a juicy solution sprinkled with love. With a city-wide campaign that ran the week of Valentine’s Day, across social media outlets and in-station pop-ups, we successfully promoted MARTA as an easy way to get around on Valentine’s Day, engaged with current riders in a thoughtful activity, and branded an initiative to “Show love” to MARTA customers. This MARTA station campaign launched at 5 of MARTA’s busiest stations and the digital social campaign launched on the company’s Twitter page with over 22.5k followers, and on Facebook with 25k likes. 

The Client - Marta, Facebook business page
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