Atlanta real estate logo design


Newhouse is a platform and mobile app primarily designed for the agent or seller that allows them to see who and how potential buyers are interacting with a listing in addition to receiving other perks and benefits regarding buyer’s habits. Equally, Newhouse is a place to search for rentals and for sale properties where a user can compare home values and connect with local professionals.

User Experience

The Problem | Appealing to Both Buyers and Sellers

Although there was a different approach behind the scenes of this platform and app, Newhouse was still in need of UX/UI for both their web and app design. The platform needed to be seller-centric on one side but should appear to be user-oriented for the buyer. In addition, the entire platform needed to be branded for this start-up.

The Solution | Organized User Experience

The first step in the process was to white board and mapping the entire process for the Buyer and the Seller/Agent. With that outlined, we were able to develop wireframes for the website pages. After we had that in order, we designed a logo and visual identity to apply to the website and mobile app screens. Ultimately, Creative Juice presented an organized, user-friendly design that would appeal to the online realtor community.



Atlanta logo design
Atlanta logo design


Our primary logo is used 90% of the time, using our Newhouse Blue and portrayed exclusively on a white background. It is a strong representation of our brand, created to convey our confident yet inviting brand.

Atlanta logo design


Our secondary logo can be used in places of our primary logo when either a different orientation is required (such as a square format, in which case the Speech House logomark should be used), or when a background is Newhouse blue, in which case the reversed out white version may be used.

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