THE CLIENT | The Center for Black Health & Equity

The Center for Black Health & Equity is committed to helping communities throughout the African Diaspora find resources and information about issues affecting their health and wellness.


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THE PROBLEM | Combatting dis- & Mis- Information

The Center for Black Health & Equity partnered with the CDC approached Creative Juice for help developing a campaign to combat the mis- and disinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. The objective was to make sure to spread good information that would help people make an informed decision that was best for them.

THE SOLUTION | bold & educational Resource

With the importance of COVID-19 and the client’s goals in mind, Creative Juice made the main focus of the campaign education on all sides. We not only wanted to inform people about the COVID-19 vaccine, but we also wanted to educate them on the hazards of mis- and disinformation and give them the tools to tell for themselves in an engaging way.

We developed a Marketing Campaign Strategy that accurately pinpointed the audience and their pain points, created a message and tone that would encourage community, and outlined how to use this campaign across multiple channels. Using this strategy, we created copy that accurately embodied these messages. We also chose imagery and created a design that was modern and exciting with colors that audiences associate with health. Combining all of these elements resulted in an informative and stylish landing page that will add value to the community throughout the COVID-19 era.

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Marketing Campaign Strategy
Landing Page Visual Design
Website Development

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Misinformation & Disinformation about the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Join us as we examine common COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and disinformation found on social media.


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