Small Client Gifts for a Big Impression

Small Client Gifts for a Big Impression

The holidays bring people together for a lot of reasons. They also bring customers through the doors of many businesses. Revving up on holiday advertising campaigns can make the difference in communicating with the people who are searching for your product or service. While many companies use coupons and holidays sales as a way of showing appreciation to their loyal customer base, some businesses choose to be more direct with gift items and holiday-themed ads that show the best of humanity.

For example, JCPenney’s shot a beautiful commercial that asked people to buy gifts for one another during the holiday. The experiment captured the looks of genuine shock and heartfelt gratitude. While strangers embraced and connections were made in the store, JCPenney’s arguably did very little to advertise themselves. Their ad campaign remains one of their most successful holiday ads because they captured authentic feelings. There were no actors or scripts; everything was one hundred percent real, and in watching this commercial the feeling is contagious. The ability to capture this feeling is not reserved for big brands and companies that have large budgets. In fact, it can be meaningful for customers to see these stories in blogs, print advertising, social media recognition or even newsletters. During the holiday season, gift-giving is a form of communication, and it is a perfect time of year to tell people about the service and good deeds your company has been involved with throughout the past year.

Not unlike those that offer massive holiday sales and coupon deals, some companies choose to gift small items to their clients. These appreciation gifts can be in the form of goods and services. Most of what makes these gifts necessary is not the expense but the presentation. Whether it is a well-designed card, a print item that could help speak to your business accomplishments, or an interactive art piece that could carry a company’s message further than the original customer.

At Creative Juice, our designers often have freebie items that help clients or leads think of us even after they have left the building. For example, our copywriters have pens with our logo and contact information and our designers have sketchbooks with our logos on them. These gift items are inexpensive but effective. Not only is there something tangible to give away, but it can also leave an impression with your client or target audience.

Small (but mighty) agencies like Creative Juice sometimes have the ability to look at their clients like family. They have more of this ability than larger firms because they simply have more face-time with their clients. Use this to your advantage! Make them part of your campaigns, whether it is through advertising or promotion that highlights the spirit of the holidays, or little gifts that keep your audience specifically in mind. Gift-giving and receiving are part of the tradition this time of year. Capturing this sentiment in your online messaging and physical presence will draw in people who want to be a part of this feeling.