Social media Marketing Do's & Don'ts

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Social media’s omnipresence is not to be ignored. Each platform provides multiple uses that vary from person to person, ranging from advertising to current events to simply staying connected with loved ones. Your online presence is an effective way to become productive and profitable – businesses can advertise to a much wider audience, and job recruiters can find potential new hires based on their profiles. In order to optimize your social media presence, it’s important to remember the do’s and don’ts of having an online platform.

The Do's

The do’s:

Complete your profile.

Choosing a handle that best represents you and your brand is the first step to creating a solid online presence (bonus points if the handle can be used across multiple platforms.) Your profile picture is the first visual introduction for your audience, so a professional picture or your logo is always a good choice. Carefully filling out the profile information is important. A complete profile makes the brand more credible.

Be authentic.

In today’s social climate, people value authenticity and transparency more than anything else. Sharing content that aligns with your beliefs and your brand’s image is the best way to show authenticity. The 80-20 rule suggests that your posts should be 80% original valuable content and 20% promotional content, so your audience knows you’re not all about making a sale.

Think before you post.

Your digital footprint is a very real thing, and your online presence is forever. Keep it clean, respectful, and positive – uplifting content and pleasant interactions leave people with a smile on their faces. Avoid future backlash by cleaning up any old posts that may be considered offensive and damaging to your brand’s reputation. Remember, you don’t have to react to or comment on everything.

Be real and engage with your audience.

Social media is ultimately about making connections. People want to know who’s behind the face of the brand, so establishing a relationship with your audience by responding to their messages and asking for their feedback is crucial. Paying attention to which posts get more attention can help you create future posts for better engagement. By personalizing your outreach, your audience feels more included and will be more loyal to your brand in the long run.

Stay current.

Keeping up with current events shows that your brand cares about being personable and relatable. Know your audience and use hashtags, viral trends, and even memes that they can relate to, to help promote sales while staying relevant.

The Dont's

The don’ts:

Don’t overshare.

This goes for personal and professional accounts. While people value transparency from a brand, it’s important to maintain a professional image and relationship with your followers by not sharing intimate details of your personal life. This includes avoiding controversial or political topics – it’s better to grow your following through engagement instead of sharing opinions which can potentially make your audience feel divided.

Don’t engage with negativity.

It can be difficult to ignore trolling, spiteful, or ignorant comments from people under the guise of criticism, but it is important that you always take the high road. It’s a lost cause and distracts from the time and energy you could be putting into creating new content for your audience.

Don’t post without proof-reading.

Poor grammar and careless spelling errors can decrease the credibility of your brand. It’s best to type the post out in a separate document and proofread everything for small mistakes, before sharing it to social media. You can also ask another person to review the post so nothing is missed.

Don’t chase followers.

“Quality over quantity” is definitely applicable in this case. When you focus on establishing your brand by building a relationship with your audience, the followers come naturally. Organic growth is better for the longevity of the brand.

Don’t be fake.

Your online presence shouldn’t be a total front. Don’t risk damaging your reputation by creating a false personality – it’s unsustainable and will eventually backfire, not to mention difficult and exhausting to maintain. Being honest about your knowledge and accomplishments will attract the right audience for you.

Incorporating these rules can help boost your productivity and profitability on social media, so you can reap the most benefits from your online presence. Mastering the do’s and don’ts of good social media marketing will make the experience more fruitful while increasing brand growth. What are some do’s and don’ts you implement on your social media platforms?  Need help creating an impactful social media presence? Contact Us. We would love to help.