Why You Need To Be on Social Media


Why You Need To Be on Social Media

Social Media is no longer just something you do for fun! It has become a necessary tool for businesses to reach clients across the globe. The major players: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest are the main platforms you should have a strong presence on.

Here is your toolkit for making the most of social media for your business.

1. Platform Basics


For keeping it short and sweet, twitter is a great option. Clients can keep up to date on your business with minimal effort on their part. Keep tweets concise, but include links to photos as well as other relevant web content to boost your brand.



Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Facebook rules the online marketing world. Facebook makes sense for businesses because of the size of the audience. A Facebook page for business  operates much like a personal page . The admin panel is mission control to optimize your features to begin to garner a following.



Think of LinkedIn as a  business oriented social network. It exists to build a repertoire of professional contacts to strengthen your network and discover opportunities. The best way to take advantage of LinkedIn is to join groups where influential people and potential clients hang out. Establish yourself by posting relevant articles or blog posts.



When not being used for looking at videos of cats, Youtube can be an extremely useful tool to boost sales. Upload testimonials or short videos that can be easily shared, maybe even become viral. For more tips on how to create a killer video to increase sales, check back next week!

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A goldmine of consumer and business minding folk peruse Pinterest daily. Increase your brand’s popularity by creating boards of quality. This may include informative as well as carefully curated pins that represent your business positively. Gain traffic by taking advantage of group boards, especially those with large followings.


Find a minimum 2 – 3 sites that fit your brand and audience and commit to forging a presence for your business. To learn about how to increase sales with social media click here.

2. Promote Yourself Consistently

Having a strong “web presence” means that you are in constantly engaged with online users. You need to post an appropriate amount of times at the most convenient time of day. Use sites like Hootsuite to send out your posts across a variety of platforms with one click.


Here is an example of a good posting schedule to emulate:


Monday: Take a fun photo that shows your office culture

Tuesday: Find a link to a relevant find that will entertain your viewers

Wednesday: Post a tip or trick

Thursday: Write an update specific to your business

Friday: Ask a question to spark conversation


Get in touch for more tips and tricks!


-Stay Creative