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You can obsess all day about your technology, but do you have the user experience to back it up? It is important that you invest the time and resources into prototyping, wireframing and user testing.


That’s when the Juicers come in.

We take your ideas from Sharpie sketches to interactive prototypes to ensure that your new app is everything you envision and that users intuitively know what to do in your amazing app.


Our team at Creative Juice can do all of the heavy lifting, to provide you with what you need to develop an MVP – to not only catch the attention of investors, but build a strong user base.

Depending on your anticipated launch date, we also help you identify what needs to be developed now, and what can wait until the next iteration. Here are a few solutions that Creative Juice has created for startup technology companies:

  • Logo development and branding
  • Research and Development
  • UI & UX Wireframing
  • UX Strategy and Consulting
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile App Design
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Our standard R&D, user experience, and user interface packages require a minimum investment of $35,000.

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