The importance of Logo Redesign

The Importance of Logo Redesign

Your logo is the face of your company. It’s the mark that makes you… you! It’s what grabs your customer’s attention and draws them in. But the world is changing, and just as style changes over time, so should your logo.  


It’s so easy to become comfortable with an outdated logo. Most organizations don’t even realize their logo needs a little sprucing up, so we’ve listed some tell-tale signs your logo is old news: 

– If your logo was created and has not been touched or tweaked in the past 5 years, there’s a chance you need an update. There is a big difference between “dated” and “classic” logos. A classic logo has a timeless look to it so it may not need many adjustments. On the other hand, a dated logo has an era-centric feel.  The logo features elements that were trendy for the time period, but are not anymore.

– If your logo includes 3 different graphical elements at once, it can come across as busy and distracting. In design, less is more, so a simple and clean logo may be just what you need.

– Another element to consider is the font you use. Nothing ruins a beautifully artistic logo design quicker than a bad font! Choosing the right font that works together with your icon makes for a great balance in a logo. 


It’s true that good business breeds brand loyalty, but the reality is that new competitors are always entering your market. Don’t be reactive–be proactive! Don’t wait for your competition to outdo your creativity. Nothing catches the attention of a loyal customer (and new customers, at that) like a fresh, new look to the same great name they’ve trusted for so long. It may seem too good to be true, but something as simple as a logo redesign can “reboot” and revitalize your business. 


For any business to be successful, continued innovation is key, especially as your audience changes. A logo redesign can benefit business by expanding the breadth of your customer base.  Ultimately, it’s about identifying who benefits from what you offer and creating a visual appeal that speaks right to them. Logos are truly first impressions. Think about it… to market your business, you’ve first got to get people “through the door!” If your logo resonates with potential customers, they will come in droves to see what you and your business are all about. 

We know that growing up, mother always said it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But when it comes to your business, visual appeal is of the utmost importance.  Fresh, new logo design from Creative Juice might be just what your business needs!

If you think your logo might need a redesign or refresh, contact us! We are more than happy to help you make your business as successful as possible.