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marketing to millenials

Marketing to Millennials

Gen Y. Millennials. The selfie generation. These are just some of the nicknames for adults ranging from 19-35 as of 2016. Some businesses feel stumped when it comes to how to reach the United States’ largest living generation. With about 80 million millennials in the...

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mastering Postcard design by Creative Juice

Mastering Postcard Design

Greetings from Atlanta! Even with the expansion of the web, a great postcard can do wonders for your business. Thoughtful postcard design will grab people’s attention and hopefully new leads for your company. If your mailing list is comprised of people that fall in your...

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Blog writing 101

Blog Writing 101

Do you want to attract more visitors to your website and gain leads? Whether you have a passion for writing or not, blogging is now a must-have for businesses. Blogs have seen increased popularity for businesses and individuals alike. They optimize your SEO and can...