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5 Things I Learned While Interning at Creative Juice

Getting your first taste of a real-world experience ironically requires previous real-world experience. That’s because there’s a monumental difference between attending school for graphic design and using graphic design skills in your career. Moving from being a mere student to becoming an intern at the...

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How to Be a Know-It-All Client

For the artistically-challenged, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to communicate to a designer just exactly what you need. “Make it flashier,” “zhoosh it up,” and “modernize it” aren’t really clear directions. The miscommunication only eats up everyone’s precious time and energy to come...

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4 Reasons to Ring in the New Year with a Site Redesign

The upcoming New Year and surrounding holidays are reason for festivity, happiness, and reminiscence; a time to celebrate the past and future. But wait! Before you pop open the champagne and begin celebrating all the fantastic things in store for 2017, make sure to take...