The Missing Link: How to Best Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

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The Missing Link: How to Best Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is a modern way to connect with clients and other businesses. Think of it as the “social media of business.” You can make a profile for yourself as an individual or your business as a whole. This profile helps to promote your business and connect with others along the way. LinkedIn can be overlooked as a marketing opportunity, but its massive presence in the business world makes it essentially a free marketing tool… why not take advantage? This blog post offers a few tips for using LinkedIn in the most effective way possible. Read on to become an expert in “linking” up!


An effective company profile page is vital for making connections and marketing your organization. Keep your page up to date and make it as informative and easy to read as possible. Take advantage of the page by including whatever is most interesting about your company. Add supplementary information about your mission as a business and the work that you do. Demonstrate your business’s best work, particularly any work that demonstrates the positive impact your business makes for your community. Show your philanthropic events, satisfied clients, and what makes your business unique.  One way to figure out what will go best on your LinkedIn page is the most vital content on your website. Make sure everything that is a “must” on your website makes it on your LinkedIn page, too! 


A personal Linkedin page has connections, but a company page provides  the opportunity to gain “followers.” Essentially, anyone who is interested in what you do can choose to follow your company’s page. Once your business starts to gain followers, it is important to nurture and grow those connections. The beauty of followers is the exponential impact that they offer. When someone  follows your page on LinkedIn, their connections are able to see that they follow your page. One follow can bring a vast amount of eyes to your company. LinkedIn is an environment that facilitates business interest on the basis of mutual connections. That is, when LinkedIn users see that one of their trusted connections follows your page, they are more likely to believe that what you do is done at a high level.

Get personal! When someone posts on LinkedIn about enjoying your service or product, interact and show your gratitude. Not only will they see it, but so will their connections! Have valued clients post testimonials so you can showcase their customer satisfaction to future clients. LinkedIn is markedly different from other social media platforms because the standard of trust is higher. If your business is being showcased favorably on LinkedIn, you are bound to generate increased interest among a community of business professionals.


Like other social media platforms, you can post content or “statuses” on your page to keep your followers up to date on what is going on. Post important events, newsworthy updates about your organization, or anything else you think your followers will find interesting or informative. Be aware, though… it is important on LinkedIn not to try to directly sell your product. It’s more about building a good reputation for your business. Direct followers to your website or to your contact information and let them reach out about specific products and/or services. Your goal as a business on LinkedIn should be to to present yourself professionally and warmly.

Finally, make sure to connect with us on LinkedIn. (You can even see if we’re following our own advice!) We would love for you to stay up to date on the happenings at Creative Juice. And, as always, we would be honored to work with you on any of your design or marketing needs!