3 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

3 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

As a small business, one way you can grow your sales funnel is by developing a targeted email marketing campaign. According to 99firms.com, “80% of marketers claim email is best for customer acquisition.” Email marketing gives you direct contact with your audience and if done consistently, keeps your business top of mind. However, in order to market to prospects via email, of course, you’ll need an email list. Here are 3 creative ways to grow your email list, so you can start adding leads into your sales funnel.

Build Strategic Partnerships for More Visibility

In order to grow your email list, you will need to grow your community. A great way to accomplish this can be by linking up with other professionals in your field. Let’s say you work in the healthcare industry as a chiropractor. You could link up with local yoga practitioners, massage therapists, or acupuncturists to collaborate with the intention of growing your reach. 

For example, if your local yoga instructor (who happens to have a rather large Instagram presence or successful blog) has mentioned in the past that their students have complained about a sore back is the reason why they cannot get into position, then utilize that as an opportunity to expand your reach.  Work out a day where you can do an Instagram takeover or write a guest blog on their website, explaining the marvels of chiropractic care and how that would benefit their practice. By doing this, you are getting in front of your target market while generating some content that’s relevant to their needs. This works wonders because you can encourage your audience to sign your email opt-in form and incentivize them by perhaps giving them a limited time offer. 

Provide Incentives in the form of a Cliffhanger 

People like free stuff. Actually, they love it. By creating opt-in incentives, your audience will be essentially exchanging their email address for a special offer. There are loads of options for what you can offer and creative ways to do it. 

The Cliffhanger technique is a crafty approach to marketing. You can leverage this technique to get more emails by first touching on a desirable or intriguing topic. Giving your audience enough to keep them on the edge of their seats would be enough momentum for them to give you their email. You can easily provide some of the information as free content, like in the form of a blog post,  then include the remainder in a free download after collecting their email in your opt-in form.

 Add Exit Pop-Ups When Visitors Attempt to Leave Your Site

Exit pop-ups allow you to make a final effort to engage with a potential customer as they are attempting to leave your site. This is a pop up that only appears when a user moves their mouse outside of the web browser to leave. It is a cool way to give the user something unexpected. According to optinmonster.com, by using this technique you could “recover 53% of abandoned visitors.” Most people like to feel special and wanted, so you can use this as an opportunity to express your appreciation of them and promote special content reserved only for subscribers.

As you can see, email lists are important. They can help expand your reach and aid in the growth of your business. These tips can help you succeed in growing your email list. Need help coming up with a marketing strategy for your business? What about someone to write your blog or newsletter copy? Contact us. We are here to help.