‘Tis the Season to Cherish your Customers

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‘Tis the Season to Cherish your Customers

Happy holidays! As the temperatures drop and strung lights enchant the eyes, you’re hopefully seeing a boost of customers to your business this holiday season.

It is the most wonderful time of the year; so would it not make sense to make sure your customers enjoy a fabulous shopping experience, whether you offer a physical good or an intangible service?

Luckily you’re here at the Juicebox, where we’ll provide some freshly-squeezed knowledge about how you can improve the customer journey for your intended audience.

First, we need to sneak a peek at your present.

Your Present

Surprise! Your gift is the very product/service your brand offers.

While this might not be surprising at all, it is good to understand the reason you do what you do so you can share that throughout your channels, whether it’s through your brand’s visual identity, or the tweets you schedule 2 weeks in advance to promote a new service.

  • No matter the reason, it all boils down to filling some gap in the world and soothing your customers’ pain points. Depending on the unique offerings of your company, this may look like wanting every child in your area to experience the joy of playing on your custom playsets,or ensuring that the people you love receive the best healthcare they can.
  • By understanding that underlying reason, you can effectively present your offerings to those you want to help.

The Packaging

“The Packaging” is the way your customers interact with your product, leaving a crucial impact on whether these people are sold, lose interest or ignore your business for all time. This part is also dependent on what product you offer: physical, digital, or intangible services.


These are products your customers can pick up, smell, feel, and more, typically in a brick-and-mortar store location.

  • Make sure the packaging or presentation of your good aligns with your brand’s visual identity. This display goes for either the box or bottle design you sell it in, the point-of-sale (POS) display where people find it in-store or if it can stand proudly uncovered due to the sheer quality of its creation.
  • Your overall brand helps with your product’s packaging as well. By staying true to your business’ tone and messaging throughout all channels and making sure that through the customer experience cycle, there’s no sense of disconnect or false expectations. If you’re not sure what your brand’s personality is, or if it has one begin with, be sure to find out.


These can go as far as having a mobile app, computer software or be as simple as having an online shop that is an extension of your physical product.

  • In this case, your channels need to be pixel-perfect, from the site they browse on to the shipment they receive if they order your product online. Messaging is vital here since it’s easier to experience miscommunication on a digital platform.
  • Make it as easy as possible to reach you in case things go wrong. From crisp and concise copy to avoiding “canned” responses, you can connect to your customer on a deeper level and encourage them to continue using your product for the long-term.


You may not always be able to hold these in your hands, but they reach your audience on an emotional and sometimes physical level.

  • If you have a “physical” service, such as a spa or fitness club, you can still improve your clients’ experience from before they set foot in your establishment through a well-maintained website or advertising campaign
  • If it exists in the digital space—such as online consulting or music-sharing service—you can clear their concerns and set expectations with a website, landing page or microsite consistent with your branding. Some examples of digital spaces are online consulting, music-sharing services, mobile apps, or computer software.

Ribbons & Details

Now that you know the reason you’re filling your ideal customers’ needs, and you’ve made a product that they purchase, have you thought about how to keep your customers after the sale? Ideally, you want to retain your people that currently buy what you offer while still attracting new ones.

You can accomplish this by:

  • Not settling for just meeting your customers’ base needs and becoming something more by surpassing those expectations. Give some extra cheer with their order, whether it’s a takeaway related to your brand or a discount that you can tie into your email marketing campaigns.
  • You can also keep loyal customers even with a negative experience or wonky product by handling it as genuinely to your brand as possible. If the problem is genuinely unsolvable, trying your best to resolve it through supportive wording will make a frustrated customer more appreciative and less likely to tarnish people’s view of your brand.

We hope that you found your present useful for gauging your customer’s current experience. We want to continue giving this season by supplying your business with an audit to uncover more about your customer journey and what areas may need improving. After all, we’re all just people helping people through our the gift what we offer.

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