What Is UI And Why Do You Need It?

What Is UI And Why Do You Need It?

You encounter UI more often than you might think. Every time you pick up your phone, login to 
your computer, or browse a website, UI is at work. So, what is it and why is it fundamental to your design?


What is UI?


Short for user interface, UI concentrates on the user’s interaction with a website or any other application. It’s a combination of how information is structured and how users are able to control and engage with that information. These pieces come together to create a clean, effortless design and navigation. Good UI takes time, organization and insight into your target audience’s needs and preferences. Every element of design, down to the tabs on your homepage, contributes to the visual language that makes up UI.

Why Do You Need Good UI?

If you’re creating a website, mobile app, or any type of interactive application you need good UI. While it may not seem like a huge deal, UI can make or break a user’s decision to engage with your business. For example, try to remember a time when you were on a website and couldn’t find the information you wanted. When a website doesn’t present content in a way that’s easy to find, it might make you reconsider using their services, or avoid the site altogether. Don’t let users be diverted from your site because of bad UI.


UI isn’t just dependent on organized content, it’s also important to create a design with visuals that communicate meaning. Almost every blog now includes an action to share or like the articles posted. These actions aren’t represented with text, but instead they are represented with the social media’s logo or an image of a heart. Good UI is when users can interpret these actions with little difficulty. Not only is visual language more appealing, but it also makes the engagement process faster for the user.

Customers are the key component when creating a user interface that works. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your audience will understand your navigation of visual language. Test your design and pay attention to the demographics of your target audience. Fortunately, good UI usually takes a few changes such as making actions clear, putting important information in easy to find locations, and simplifying your design. If you are ever in doubt about a choice, refer to your customers needs because they will be the ones navigating your site. Make it an easy and pleasurable experience and they will be happy to return.

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