Website Design for Doctors

Website Design for Doctors

If you’re a doctor looking at this article you’ve probably come to the realization that having a website is an important step in gaining new patients. A website can be a valuable tool if you know what to include. Here a few things that every doctor’s website should have.



Make It Easy For Customers to Find and Contact Your Practice

One of the most important things to include on your website is an address and contact information. The name of your practice should be in text somewhere at the top of the homepage or header of your website. Having a text title instead of just an image of your logo is extremely important to potential patients who might be using text-to-speech conversation software. It’s also important to provide a phone number to schedule appointments and your address with directions to your practice.



Use Real Pictures When You Can

It’s common to find stock photos on medical sites. Depending on the situation, stock photos are sometimes enough, but in most cases, it’s best to include real quality photos of the doctors in your practice and images of the practice to give potential clients a feel for what to expect. Using your own photos may require a little extra work, but in the long run it will be more beneficial because this attention to detail will set you apart from most practice websites.


Include an ‘About Me’ Section

Along with those pictures of you and the other doctors in your practice, you should have a short bio for each doctor. This gives you the opportunity for potential patients to learn about your specialty services, awards and certifications. Having an ‘About Me’ section will allow potential patients to get to know you better before they decide to schedule an appointment.



Provide Detailed Information and Resources

The purpose of your website is to benefit viewers. That being said, it’s important to include a page that details your list of your services. A frequently asked questions page may also be beneficial or if none of those suggestions fit your practice at least include a means of contact that potential patients can use to find answers to their questions. It’s also a good idea to include information for new patients, for example, what they will need to bring with them or any downloadable sheets that they can fill out ahead of time before their appointment.

Your website is a chance for potential patients to get to know you and the other doctors in your practice. So it’s important personalize your site for match your practice such as using real photographs and to include information about yourself. As long as you keep the purpose in mind you can create a website that viewers will be attracted to.

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