We’re ready for our Close-Up!

We’re ready for our Close-Up!

There have been some exciting changes recently at the Creative Juice headquarters. First, we moved into an amazing office space in the Fairlie-Poplar District. Then, we updated our website with the newest and coolest WordPress elements available. With these exciting updates, we needed to improve our team photos as well, so we had a fun photo shoot in and around our office.

The Juicer's Conference Room

Our office is located in Downtown Atlanta, so we wanted to incorporate an urban vibe into our photos. We used the brick wall outside of our office as our backdrop for our headshots. Previously, our headshots were all professionally shot by separate photographers. For our website updates, we wanted a more streamlined look. We have a lot of fun in our office, and our new team photos showcase our personalities. We hope you enjoy seeing the playful side of Creative Juice!

The Juicers