What is CSS and Why is it Important?

What is CSS and Why is it Important?

As an important tool in web design, CSS is a term that you should understand With its many uses you are sure to find it beneficial to your web design.

What is CSS

What is CSS?

Short for Cascading Style Sheet, CSS was created as a way for developers to better design webpages. It allowed content and design to be separated so that HTML could focus on the markup of content without handling any aspects of design.

A style sheet refers to the technical specifications for a layout. For a web page this means that a style sheet tells a browser how to render the page. What’s so special about CSS is that it can cascade through multiple style sheets, telling the browser what instructions or more important and therefore come before others.

For example, every website has at least one style sheet, the browser default. This default may have a font like Times New Roman, but this font doesn’t show up for every website because the cascade defines the second style sheet, with the font specifications for that website to take precedence over the default. This allows for different designs to be set up for different situations.

These days, most designers are using CSS because of its versatility and its ability to be quickly updated. Here are a few reasons why it’s important:

What is CSS

Easy to Work With

Since CSS keeps the design components separate from the content, layouts can be created quickly and problems solved faster. Making updates is simple because any change to your style sheet will be applied to every page on your website. CSS also has fewer properties to remember than HTML, but these properties allow for more options in design.

What is CSS

Adaptable to Different Browsers

Today it is almost a guarantee that users will be viewing your site from some type of mobile device. Having a site that can be easily viewed on any screen size is important. You can create multiple style sheets to define how a site will look on different devices. For example, you can create separate style sheets for a mobile device and desktop computer.

What is CSS

Search Engines

Search engines won’t find it difficult to read your content because CSS is a clean coding technique. Since CSS deals with the design will have more content than code associated with it. This also means that your transfer size will be reduced and stored externally. It will only be accessed with each visit of a user, resulting in faster load time.

CSS is extremely important when it comes to creating a successful and well-designed website. Now that you have a better understanding of it’s uses, you can start to use CSS in your own website.

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