How to Write a Tagline

How to Write a Tagline

“The Greatest Show on Earth.” “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There.” “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.” “I’m Lovin’ It.” What do all these taglines have in common? You automatically associate them with a brand or company. This is the goal that so many taglines fail to achieve. So how did these companies achieve tagline success? Read on to find out what makes great taglines so great…

Stays with You
First of all, remember that a tagline isn’t a slogan. Yes, both make you think of a company or brand but a slogan is not as permanent as a tagline. A slogan can be trendy and there can be multiple slogans for one company.  On the other hand, a tagline should be permanent unless the company undergoes a complete change of course. Therefore, a tagline should be memorable. A tagline without staying power is useless. Short yet powerful, a tagline needs to be instantly recognizable and to the point. Start with the message add on the cleverness or comedic aspects afterward.

Shows Personality
A tagline is unique to your company so let it be just that. Incorporate your brand into your tagline. The tagline of a prestigious law firm compared to that of a candy company will give off a much different vibe- and that’s a good thing! A tagline that could be defined as generic or vague is not going to do your company any good. An example of an effective tagline that shows a company’s personality is Disney’s “the happiest place on earth.” Disney wanted people to know that their parks are joyful and wonderful places to visit and work, ergo “the happiest place on earth” is a very fitting tagline. It captures the essence of what Disney is providing for their patrons without being lengthy or boring.

Sends a Message
Your tagline serves a greater purpose and that purpose is to send a message. What do you want people to know about your company? This message should be crystal clear and give potential buyers a good idea of what your company does. Once you figure out the basics of your tagline, you can edit and revise until the tagline is as fun and crafty as your company desires. Just remember those bells and whistles don’t make the tagline- the message does. Your tagline should inspire action or make people feel something. If your message is strong, your audience will react in the preferred ways. If not, they will be confused and feel lost as to what the point of your tagline is.

Makes Known What Makes You Special
Whether your company is the best at something or offers services or products that no one else does, your tagline is the perfect place to showcase this. What makes your company the best? What makes your company stand out? If you cannot answer these questions, it’s time to reflect. You have a lot to offer so let people know. For example, Creative Juice created the tagline “Wherever You Go” for Access Insurance. This tagline serves as a reminder that Access Insurance will always be there for its policy holders and is memorable and concise. Potential customers will know what your company is, but by letting them know what you do or what you offer people, your tagline is making a positive difference for your business.

Short and Sweet
Making a tagline concise can be a challenge when you have a lot you want to say. You want everyone to know everything your company has to offer, but no one wants to nor will they try to remember a 20-word tagline. Your tagline is supposed to stick with your audience. This is a characteristic of great taglines; they get their message across in just a few words or a phrase. When brainstorming, try saying your ideas aloud. If it’s too long, formal, or just doesn’t sound right, keep trying until you achieve that perfect tagline.

Taglines are not created just because they seem appealing and are a popular branding technique for many companies. Taglines exist to be your company’s motto and explain what solely the name of your company cannot. In just a couple words, a tagline that works will become associated with your business… and that’s a very powerful thing. So when it comes to your company’s tagline, “just do it.”