what is a brand audit?

What is a Brand Audit?

It’s a tried and true statement: brand identity is a key component of who your brand is and how you build a connection with your audience. Behind every brand, there is a purpose and it’s through identity that this message shines through. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity today to speak to you about keeping your key message consistent through your work, through your identity, and how sometimes it’s a good idea to check in and see if any adjustments are needed to keep your performance at its best.

So what is a brand audit? A brand audit is the process that helps you understand the purpose behind your brand. It also helps solidify your brand’s current performance status and what your company’s hopes are heading toward the future. It is an accumulation of internal branding (positioning, brand values, unique selling point,) external branding (corporate identity, collateral assets, advertising,) and the systems & infrastructure (brand standards, HR policies, internal systems) of your company. First and foremost, a brand audit is something that MUST happen before jumping into a brand redesign.

How do I know I need change?

Check out your current positioning. Where is your brand now and where are you looking to be? This is a key step before beginning any of the new looks and aesthetics. Are you skipping the first step of creating a brand? Whether you’re not attracting enough clients, or have trouble explaining what you do, a brand audit can help clarify your current brand performance and what you can do to continue flourishing or to grow even further.

Starting a brand

You’re Starting a Brand

So you have a great idea for your business and you’re ready to hit the ground running. First stop on your journey is to figure out who your brand is and what your brand is aiming for. Though you may have a clear idea, it’s important for your employees and those working with you to understand your message. A brand audit helps break down all the exciting ideas into a straightforward and concise view of what you’re trying to make happen. The purpose here is to gain an understanding of your current spot and your potential future.This first building block is going to help you understand your brand persona as well as brand attributes and will help you further clarify who you’re speaking to and what you’re trying to say. Not to mention, it’s a key component in figuring out who your audience is and how to get them to listen.

attracting clients

Not Attracting Enough Clients

Lulls happen in every business, whether we want them to or not. Though sometimes for unknown reasons, it could also be attributed to a brand message that isn’t speaking to or targeting the right people. No one wants to allocate company assets to areas where they’re not making the most impact. In these situations, a brand audit aids in reconfiguring your brand and its relation to your clientele. Here, you have the ability to get into the nitty gritty aspects of your company and understand why it may not be hitting home with the audience that you’re aiming for. Brand audits work to align strategy with customer expectations. This gives you the ability to figure out what shifts need to be made and where to fully connect with your consumers. Establishing expectations of your brand and knowing where you fall currently on that scale gives you the opportunity to rework and readjust to find the perfect fit that may have been right under your noses.

brand purpose

Trouble Explaining Brand Purpose

Sometimes, as a brand expands and provides more services, it’s hard for business owners to peg down what exactly it is they do. The message can easily get lost amongst the many different things you are now a part of and provide. For moments like these, re-centering and refocusing your message is crucial in keeping your branding consistent and crystal clear to your viewers & clientele. As brands change and grow, they need to redefine what they are asking of their consumers and what they are asking of themselves. Understanding who you are and where you stand in the market not only helps clarify all aspects of your brand, from employees to any others you will be working with, but it helps you find new areas that you can reach into and some areas that might not be worth the energy. It also is an opportunity to check in with your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps you’re overlooking some strengths that should be tied into a new brand message. Figuring out what is working for your brand and what isn’t is just another way that audits can help hone in on areas where your company may be struggling.

Brand audits can be long and overwhelming and that’s why we’re here to help. Be sure to contact us if you need any assistance in rechecking your brand or with any other design needs.

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