Who Needs an APP?

Who Needs an App?


Ambitious entrepreneurs are constantly gunning to make sure their company provides an app to stay on the technological forefront of the game. It’s been in high demand for quite a few years, making “UX design” the newest buzzword of the field. Apps allow for companies to stay better connected with their consumers and are an effective tool in creating brand loyalty. Before you rush out to get yours (you know you want one) keep these few things in mind.

Features on Fleek

The biggest advantage of getting your own app is all the festive features you have access to. Push notifications allow you to alert your client about the latest updates concerning your company. Think about flash sales and exciting news – customers can be immediately informed of anything with a temporal aspect to them. Cameras can be a fun addition to either have the customer take pictures of your products or experiment with augmented reality. The possibilities expand as smartphones advance. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this medium’s unique qualities.

What’s the Point?

It’s important to make sure that your app will be of use to your customer’s everyday life. An unused app is a waste of smartphone space and eventually gets deleted. You’re competing with hundreds of other apps, so keep in mind the best ways to market to millennials to keep your app modern and relative. The best apps help someone’s everyday life in some way, creating shortcuts that we didn’t think were possible. Be sure to utilize their helpfulness to help give it an unmatched purpose in your customer’s life.

Ching-ching, Gettin’ Paid Over Here

Don’t have an app just to have an app, instead figure out how exactly it can benefit you and help put more money in your pocket. The easiest way for the app to pay itself off is by featuring e-commerce elements. Any type of in-app shop will serve this purpose. Some entrepreneurs utilize their popularity by selling ad space in their apps. It might be annoying to the customers, so make sure they can opt out of that experience as well. Whatever you do, monetize your app!

The Alternate Choice

Considering the cost of development, it’s not always in your best interest to create an app. They need to be designed for each type of screen size and every kind of operating system. It’s a labor-intensive process. A cheaper alternative is to make sure that your website is responsive. This way, you still benefit by making sure that the user’s mobile experience is accounted for. Apps need to be constantly maintained to make sure they’re in accordance with the latest smartphone updates.

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