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Why Small Agencies Have Big Advantages

Are you familiar with ‘David vs Goliath’? It may seem as if the smaller of the two characters wouldn’t win, but David turns out to be victorious. Similar to David’s victory over Goliath, there are competitive advantages smaller agencies have over large agencies.

Small agencies provide an enormous opportunity to make a valuable difference in the world of business. Where better does the popular saying, “quality over quantity” resonate than in the small business world? With a societal shift towards supporting small agencies, big brands are taking advantage of the edge a small agency can offer.

Of course, bigger agencies have more money, time, and resources to dedicate to campaigns and projects. This however, doesn’t necessarily equate to better work, design, or service. How are smaller agencies gaining the investment of larger companies? By providing a personal touch, focusing on your needs, and being flexible.


Working with a smaller agency can mean a better customer experience. As a smaller agency, we’re closer to our customers and use fewer resources to learn what the client wants to meet their expectations. As we say in our About Us for instance; 100% organic design. Not from Concentrate. No cookie-cutter molds!

Better Communication
A small agency can provide an ‘aha’ moment for a large company by challenging them to think differently or think from the consumer’s point of view. By taking advantage of the ability to be more transparent, small agencies are more attractive to our bigger clients.

Large companies can appreciate experiencing one on one relationships, feeling valued and listened to; As with a close friend.


Focus is key. There’s a level of passion and competitiveness smaller agencies bring to the table when competing against large agencies that garner appreciation. It is important to have the story reflected in the brand. With less people in the room, the small agency can hear your needs and take time to build and communicate that story in a way that will most impact customer relationships and brand awareness.

Smaller agencies have the advantage of knowing their strengths and niche expertise. When you know your strengths and niche, you can really play to those advantages and do great work because of it.


In today’s climate, big agencies are not matching how small agencies are able to adapt, work fast, and stay on top of things. Small agencies are more nimble and able to adapt as market conditions change. Being closer to the client puts the small agency in a better position to hear feedback and changing preferences.

Employees are more likely to be cross-trained at a small agency. This can make the process of development and revisions happen faster than in a large agency where everyone has their own little part in the whole story. Pivoting quickly is one of the greatest strengths for a small agency, allowing for a better match to the best clients. Moving at the speed of the ever-changing marketplace is the reality smaller agencies can offer over larger companies that have more red tape.

Can a small agency offer big agency talent without the big agency politics and sales-y tactics? Yes! Need to work with a forward-thinking, fresh, and unique perspective? Be sure to contact us, we’d love to help!

Stay Creative!