Why Do Fonts Matter?

Why Do Fonts Matter?

No matter if you’re branding your business, creating a website or creating promotional material, fonts play a huge part in the design. Here are some key reasons why and how fonts matter.

Adds Character

Why fonts matter

Just like handwriting can say a lot about who we are, designers use fonts to express similar traits. For example, a cursive or looped font can express elegance and delicacy, whereas a thick sans serif font can represent a bold personality. Taking advantage of a font’s character can help define your brand and give your designs a more personal touch.

Establishes Hierarchy

Why do fonts matter

The size and color of a font can also help establish hierarchy. This allows you to better control what parts of the content viewers will focus on first. Using a pop of color or a bigger font size will draw viewers’ attention, allowing you to be more creative with the design. This means that the most important information doesn’t necessarily need to be at the top of the page; as long as the message stands out, viewers will be drawn to that information first.

Reinforces Consistency

Why do fonts matter

When used properly, fonts can add consistency to your designs. Fonts are similar to color because a brand only needs a small variety of each, and just like the color, it’s important to pick out fonts that you plan to use over and over again. Switching up your font too much risks irritating or confusing your audience. Sticking to one or two fonts keeps things simple and easy for the viewer to read.

Helps Improve Brand Recognition

Why do fonts matter

Having a distinct and consistent font can improve brand recognition. Incorporating it into your design and logo will help establish a look and feel for your brand. If used enough, people will begin to notice that font as part of your brand, giving you another way to expand your recognition. This is why it’s important to pick a type that has the personality you want to convey.


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