How to Market on Facebook

How to Market on Facebook

Facebook is more than just a place to connect with friends. It’s a platform for businesses to reach audiences and promote services. With these few tips, you can start marketing your business on Facebook. 


Business Page Setup


It’s time to get serious and Facebook’s business page is the perfect place to start. While you may be more comfortable navigating a personal profile, a business page offers many features and keeps your business looking professional.

Just like your website, a Facebook page should include details about your business so users can easily find information. Along with contact information, your page should include location, hours, business description, mission statement, and any other information users might be looking for. Not only does this ensure users will find answers, but it also gives you a polished presence on Facebook.

Profile and Cover Photo

A photo says a thousand words. Make sure you choose good photos to represent your brand. The profile image can be your business title or logo. For your cover photo you can get more creative. Go for an image that captures a product or represents an important part of your business. Every once in a while, swap out your cover photo for a new one. It’s shows users that you put effort in the maintenance of your page.


Building Content


Now that you’ve gotten your page all set up and looking nice, you can start posting. When it comes to writing posts, ‘likes’ are important, but it’s not the only thing to consider. All posts should be relevant to your business. This ensures that your content is reaching the right audience because likes are good, but a user who comments and shares your posts regularly becomes an advocate for your site. Here are a few guidelines to consider as you start posting:


Keep the text between 100 to 200 characters.
 Post good content consistently.
interesting visuals
 Grab attention with visuals.

Throughout the week mix up your posts with questions, photos, videos, links and polls. Diversity keeps users interested and attracts different kinds of engagement. If you see a post gathering a lot of interest promote it to reach even more people. Facebook users have to navigate through lists of content that pop up on their news feeds. Your posts need to stand out and reflect your wonderful business.

Everyone wants the chance to become a winner, and contests are a great to way to get users excited and informed about your business. Contest can be anything from random drawings and sweepstakes to photo submissions and quizzes. Some contests will work better than others depending on your needs. Just be sure that the prize and guidelines are appropriate for your business.
Facebook Ads
When you need to broaden your audience, a Facebook ad is a great way to promote yourself. These ads appear on the right sidebar of a users news feed, a prime location to grab some attention. It only takes a few steps to create an ad. First, determine what you want to achieve. What action do you want the user to take? Once you’ve figured out your goals, upload an image and text to create your ad. Target your audience by filling in demographics like age, gender, location, and interests. The cost will vary depending on audience size, but you can set a controlled budget per day or for the ad’s entire duration.
Just like your posts, don’t hesitate to mix and match different images with different text, to figure out a combination that works best.  Facebook with then automatically focus on the ad from your campaign that’s gaining the most attention.

Results You Can Track

It’s one thing to create the content and advertise, but without a way to track your success, your marketing strategy is blind. Knowing what posts gained the most attention will help you determine which techniques to repeat and which ones to put to rest. Since you’ve created a business page, you have access to tools that will measure your progress.

Page Insights
With page insights, you can keep track of all activity relating to your page. Facebook collects information on users’ demographics and their actions. It’s important to stay up to date with your page’s insights because the information may surprise and lead you to new ideas.

Marketing on Facebook is all about making use of the available tools. Take promotion into your hands by interacting with your audience, advertising your products and monitoring your progress.

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