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SportsID aimed at being the largest centralized online sports network in the world. Connecting athletes of all levels, parents, coaches, trainers, brands and other sports professionals with valid and reputable resources to elevate and enhance their sports profiles.

User Experience Design and Research

The Problem | Translating Ideas Into Intuitive Experiences

While the SportsID team had the idea well-written out, they still needed to partner up on the creative. SportsID wanted a UX/UI that could harness their robust platform that would be primarily focused on collecting data, but would also be user-friendly and accommodating to their various audiences. Knowing their competitors, SportsID wanted to take the lead on strategy and their own expertise regarding marketing, PR, and social media.

The Solution | Dynamic, Customizable User Interface

With the list of criteria provided to us, the UX/UI design Creative Juice developed for SportsID was visually dynamic and full of vitality and movement, but was also organized in a method that flowed and made sense. The dashboard our team designed was bold and modular, allowing each user to customize their preferred layout and allow them to highlight information relative or important to them.


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mobile user interface solution for Sports ID