THE CLIENT | SUSI (Step Up. Step In.)

Step Up. Step In, (SUSI) is Georgia’s a statewide movement that teaches adolescents and those who influence them about healthy interactions, friendships, and relationships.

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THE PROBLEM | Digitizing Comprehensive Help

SUSI had a comprehensive document that need to be turned into an interactive web tool kit that could be distributed throughout Georgia to support their efforts in lessening sexual bullying that occurs to Georgian youth.

THE SOLUTION | Gain info in record speed

Within a week’s time, Creative Juice partnered with the GA Network to End Sexual Assault and Georgia Department of Public Health to take their sexual assault toolkit and turn it into an online experience that can be accessed by anyone, no matter where they are in the world.

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Examples of Sexual Bullying

Conversation about sexual topics or acts

Lewd, suggestive, or demeaning remarks

Derogatory names based upon real or rumored sexual activity

Derogatory names based upon real, rumored, or perceived sexual orientation

Sex-based or demeaning rumors about individuals or groups

Coercion by force or threat

Written correspondence about, or that suggests, sexual acts or uses sex to demean recipients

Graffiti that appears on personal belongings or in public space 

Sexual photos


Live or recorded video, audio, and any other format

Sending, forwarding, or keeping sexually explicit content without permission 

Non-violent or violent touching

Groping and grabbing of a sexual nature

Tugging, touching, or snapping undergarments 

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