Four Reasons Not to Skimp on Web Design

Most business owners are already aware that when it comes to building a healthy web presence, a functional website is no longer a luxury – it’s a bare minimum in the current business climate. You need a website that will help you stand out and connect with your customers. This is why most well-designed websites come at a premium and good website designers are well sought after – they’re in very high demand.
One of the hallmarks of a low-budget website is they are often bland, cookie cutter websites that don’t inspire confidence in your audience. Here are four reasons not to skimp on website design.


1. Your Competitors Benefit

As designers we often hear from clients who built their website with the free page builder software that most web hosting companies offer. The feedback is that these low budget websites cannot meet the needs of our clients’ customers.For example, according to a recent survey, 40% of all web traffic is mobile. Many business owners who chose their initial website solely on the basis of price, report having websites that are not mobile friendly. As a result, most of them lose web traffic to businesses whose websites are already optimized for mobile devices.


2. Customer Repellent

Do you really want to have a website that screams cheap or unprofessional to your customers? Having a boring, plain, or out-of-date website is a huge taboo in 2014. You want a website that is engaging, interesting, and appealing.
Clean design, well thought-out navigation, and professional graphics are a large part of making a good first impression with your website. If your website is cluttered or doesn’t make sense to your visitors, they may opt to do business with someone whose website inspires more confidence.


3. Low-Cost Websites Offer Minimal Support

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. When it comes to web support, this saying couldn’t be any truer. One of the things that we have learned from clients who have come to us from low-cost web designers is that most budget designers don’t offer support. This usually doesn’t present a problem to price conscious business owners until their website goes down.
One brush with a broken form, dead web page, or server failure is usually all it takes for businesses to see the importance of website support.


4. Poor Design Encourages Window Shoppers

Budget websites may score poorly in most aspects of web performance, but one area that they seem to excel at is attracting window shoppers. In web parlance, a window shopper is someone who visits your website, clicks a few tabs, but ultimately hits the back button, before going back to Google.
Occasionally, these visitors may even come back and use information from your website to help them find another supplier. If you’ve ever checked your Google Analytics report, a high bounce rate is a telltale sign that your website is popular among window shoppers.
One of the many reasons that this is more common with bargain websites is that they often have weak calls to action. This leads visitors to view the website more as a reference than as a viable service provider.

What Creative Juice Can Do for You

If your website falls into any of the four points mentioned above, don’t worry – we can help. We offer tons of options and customizable packages to fit your needs. We not only design and develop attractive websites, but we focus on results and making sure that you have the right presence on the web.
To learn more about the critical ingredients of good web design contact us today.


-Stay Creative