what makes an award winning design?

What Makes an Award Winning Design?

Your designs are good… but are they award worthy? Taking your design skills to the next level could help you snag that next design award. If you want to be able to add “Award-Winning Graphic Designer” to your website or resume, there are some things you should keep in mind throughout your design process. Read on to discover what sets apart the best from the rest.

  1. Clearly Communicate a Message

Does your audience understand the what you’re trying to say through your design? A great design doesn’t require guesswork to discover what the underlying meaning is. If you clearly get your message across, you’re fulfilling your job as a designer. A well communicated design is more effective than multiple vague designs. Your designs have the potential to say a lot and they can even convey a message more effectively than words at times. So in order to successfully convey a message, you must completely understand what that message is and the best way to communicate it. Take the time to figure this out before beginning your design process.

  1. Resonate with Your Audience

How a design resonates with people matters since you want your design to evoke a specific emotion or action. Make sure that your design has the right look and feel. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes… What would they think of your design? If you had no background information about your designs, would you accurately comprehend the design and its message? You should not be the only one who grasps the concept behind a design. Also, while it’s a good idea to keep up with trends so that your designs aren’t outdated, evoking a sense of timelessness in your designs is a way to ensure that they won’t be insignificant in the months or years to come.

  1. Give the People What They Want

By paying attention to your audience’s needs, your designs will appeal to your target market and be more successful in achieving the design’s goal. Remember not to base the value of your design solely off of your own opinion since you are biased and might not be a part of the intended audience. As a designer, you will wear many hats and one of them is that of a marketing mastermind. If you truly want to take your graphic designs to the next level, consider your audience before all else.

  1. Get Inventive

As a graphic designer, you’re a creator. You have the ability to create something special, something amazing, something never done before. That’s what wins awards- delivering remarkable, fresh ideas and designs. Utilize your design knowledge and the tools available to you but don’t be afraid to add what only you can bring to the party. Your style and flair defines you as as designer. You can create the extraordinary if you do a little outside of the box thinking and use your design gifts.

  1. Use Your Passion

The greatest designers have a burning passion for what they do. Award winning designs come from a designer with both talent and fervor. Keep your fire for design alive and bright because it will make the design experience more enjoyable and result in superior designs. Passion comes from within, therefore it cannot be taught. So if you are struggling to come up with ideas or are frustrated with the design process, remember the reason that you are a designer. Reflect on your love for design and embrace it.

The possibilities of graphic design are endless but it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Every designer has the potential to achieve design greatness but with this advice, you’ll be one step closer to award winning design. We know what we’re talking about- Creative Juice received a 2016 American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA. If you agree that our work is award worthy, let us further help you with your design needs and contact us today!