Create a Business Card People Can’t Ignore

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Create a Business Card People Can’t Ignore

First Impressions mean a lot. Your business card represents your brand and can be an effective tool to impress a potential client. Here are some ways you can ensure your business card stands out:


Hire a Professional

Companies like Vistaprint can offer you a business card quickly and at a low cost. These cards however, are easy to spot. Most free cards will have the company’s logo on the back, which doesn’t look very professional. While you can use these temporarily, you should always hire a professional designer to produce your card.  You are your brand, and your brand is important. You want to avoid handing someone a card that they have seen before, or a card that lacks personality. A generic card has a higher chance of getting thrown away or overlooked. If your business card is not professional, what does that say about you?


Avoid Clutter

While you want to provide people with multiple contact options and key information, don’t make your card too cluttered. Think about the contact information you use most. You may want to include your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and web address, but think about which one will give people the best sense of your business.  You do not want to list services, mission statements, or even long tag lines. A business card is simply a way for someone to contact you. If you include too much information, your card will seem overwhelming.


Incorporate a Unique Element

Unique card designs are becoming popular, so it’s important to make your card unique to your business as a way to really stand out. A well-designed card is great, but a card that also has a die cut, spot varnish or foil creates something unique. For example, we created a unique card for Inprop USA, which features a unique spot varnish over the logo and each employee’s name.


Inspire Curiosity

You give people your business card with hopes that they will contact or research your company for more details. Creating a card that inspires curiosity is more likely achieve this goal. There are many methods you can use to evoke curiosity, but the best way is through adding your personality to your card. Including just enough information also gives people the desire to discover more—another reason to avoid clutter. A QR code is an awesome way to make your card interactive.


Use Quality Paper

A good thick paper will ensure your business card will last. While paper quality is a small detail, it’s an element that will be noticeable if it’s not done right. Picking good quality paper will show people you pay attention to detail. You can also play around with the shape and size of the paper to further help you stand out.


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