What is Good Logo Design?

When it comes to successful branding—nothing is more important than a great logo.

Not only should a company’s logo be visually appealing, but it should also serve as a visual definition of what a company does or (and sometimes more importantly) how they want to be viewed by the world.

So, what is a “good” logo design?  A successfully designed logo should uniquely distinguish itself from the competition. It must be relevant, fresh, and focus on the needs of a company’s target market, while also conveying a company’s brand and message to its consumers.

For example, take a look at the logos below. While each logo uses the same name, each logo conveys a completely distinct look and feel.  The black and yellow logo emits the feeling of an athletic team or even a bar to its viewer.  On the other hand, the pink and white logo in the middle indicates to a consumer that Chelsea’s may be in the business of providing feminine products, such as make-up or jewelry, or even delicious cupcakes.  The third logo, the black and white logo, provides a more refined feel consistent with upscale clothing boutiques.


It is important that businesses give the right message to potential customers.  If your logo does not make sense, or does not connect with your products, you can confuse consumers and make it hard for them to understand what your company has to offer them.

You want your logo to speak directly to your target market.  Not only are you much more likely to gain their attention, but also their trust and business.

– Stay Creative