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Emory University is a top-ranked, leading research university dedicated to the creation, preservation, teaching, and application of knowledge in the service of humanity.

Scope of Work

Publication Design
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CJ Portfolio - Emory University Publication design

THE PROBLEM | Kickstarting a new Initiative

After receiving grant funds by John Templeton Foundation for the Integrity Project, Emory needed a book that outlines what was done as apart of the integrity project. This book should be given to other campuses to serve as a guide for defining the program and how to implement their programs.

THE SOLUTION | Guide for the future

With this in mind, a printed, 104-page asset-based guide that would be distributed to other higher education institutions known as the “Cultivating a Community of Integrity” handbook was created. This highly interactive handbook allows students and faculty at any institution to act based on its instructional nature. Because of the nature of the content, Emory needed a design that was visually appealing and easy to digest in smaller pieces. Because of this, our design featured imagery, content, quotes and various sections the owner of the workbook can write in to reflect. This Handbook has been shared with various institutions across the country to thousands of students and faculty to help start new conversations on campus about ethics and integrity and foster new ideas for how to develop their efforts. There were no handbooks achieving this goal prior to this handbook created by Emory University’s “The Emory Integrity Project”.