THE CLIENT | Georgia System of Care

The Georgia Department of Behavior and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) is a network of health professionals that provide support and treatment services around behavioral, mental, and developmental disabilities throughout the state of Georgia.

Scope of Work

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Website Design
Website Development

THE PROBLEM | guidance for GA Wellbeing

DBHDD wanted to create a commonplace for parents and caregivers, children and youth, and medical providers to come together and find the services they were looking for. They contacted Creative Juice to create a comprehensive website that housed all of this information in an effective and engaging way to help everyone throughout the state of Georgia gain access to behavioral, mental, and developmental health resources they need.

THE SOLUTION | Bright source for desired care

We worked hand in hand to make sure that the website, for what would become the Georgia System of Care, was a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate database of information for those seeking care and those providing it. We created a thorough website strategy that laid out the structure of the website, identified ways for their site to stand out and deliver what the audience needs, and what design patterns are common amongst similar websites. From there, we organized all of their content and filled in any missing copy to create a more engaging presence on the website. We also developed wireframes with the audience and the user experience in mind, with the ultimate goal of making it easy for site visitors to find information. Finally, we created a design to bring excitement to the website.

Bringing a bright, sunny color palette was a welcome change from many of the darker palettes we saw in the same industry. At the end of the process, the client came out with a website that not only served a purpose but made people feel welcome.


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